Calliope Novaland - Address: Virtue #11

Well I’ve been meaning to start jotting down some of the many special moments I’ve had since finding my way to Second Life. And today seemed like the day I just had to do it. So I can tell you, that I just bought land. Wooot!!

My first day in SL I was invited to visit the wonderful community my very amazing friend lives in. She was the one who led me to SL, and of all the many things I have to thank her for over the years, this is very close to the top. So a mere 75 days after finding my way here (which is like a year in what they call “real life”) I am a resident in Thistle!!!

As with most things since I’ve been here, the way it unfolded was magical. I had heard there was land coming available which is not always the case in Thistle. It’s a yummy community with very talented, warm people, wonderful scenery and water everywhere, and they are often full up for new residents. Besides, I had to start earning some “tier” too.

I just happened to be online when the advance notice of the available plots was sent out. I immediately popped over (yes, you really can just pop over here), and picked the one that looked best for me on paper, or notecard. Following the red arrow I was led to the edge of the community overlooking the ocean, and just about the yummiest spot I could hope for. My own beach!!! I doubted the other three available could beat this one, so I immediately sent word that, “I’ll take it!!!”

Looking at the other plots just in case, my suspicions were confirmed that I had picked the best one already. So Thistletonians, I am so happy to finally be more than a frequent visitor, and can now truly call this special place “home”.

Thanks to all my friends that helped me in this, Jiggy, Hal, Ritchey, tara, Ace, Liz, Elphie, and Molly. I look forward to meeting the rest of my new neighbors soon!