Twin Souls Pavilion @ Sedona's Playground in Second LifeThe soul work continues…as I go deeper into Gary Zukav’s book, “The Seat of the Soul”, I am finding it expands my bigger picture of who we are, who I am, and why we’re here; and that has given me a comfort and ease I have not known.

I feel like I had the last big piece of mental awakening just as 2011 was ending, that informed me on an intellectual level that all is well in our universe and evolution. Not that there won’t be growing pains…but it’s going to happen.

This astonishing year of 2012 we are now halfway through has been like rocket fuel to my path, as my focus and experience has shifted to awakenings of the heart. Much information is coming to light that our heart is more remarkable than we ever thought. The heart has become the focus of amazing researcher and visionary, Gregg Braden, and I find what he has to say inspiring.

Many would agree with me that information is coming in at a rapid pace from many sources of wisdom, and the speed at which the world, and us, runs, is measurably faster now. What this bigger perspective I’ve gained from the soul work has done for me is to weave together many bits of things I’ve studied along the way, particularly in the last few years, and last few months. These past few months my reading subjects have been gleaned down to the study of the soul, the heart, loving yourself, astrology, animal totems, and various authors about how we really do create our own realities. Now I’ve added a new aspect, or refocused on an older one, that of soulmates, and twin souls.

It is a fascinating subject in many respects, and I find it is the topic of much conversation, confusion, and debate. As with most knowledge, if not wisdom, not much can be “proven” according to science, which is a belief system anyway that you would have to buy into to have any of those results be understandable or matter.

Delving back into the study of soulmates, which I’ve studied before, and now Twin Souls, which I have not, brings much pondering about what I read, and how it fits into who I am in this life and moment. I’ve come to know that our answers and truths are within us, and we will be the final judge of what is right and wrong in all the information and opinions we take in. Doing this with the Twin Souls information has really caused me to stretch my perspective in understanding who I am. I love it! It’s why I’m here.

Twin Souls Info Area @ Sedona's Playground in Second Life

Part of my inspiration has been a new area at Sedona’s Playground in Second Life, the Twin Souls Pavilion, where you can get a huge head start on learning a little something about this subject. Find great information on twin souls, soulmates, and karmic connections there, get lost in some of twin souls art, find a spot to chill and chat or read, or dance on the watercolor dance floor.


Sedona’s Playground, Solus, Second Life

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