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Picasso v. the Internet

I never thought it would come down to this.

But I had to choose.

Picasso or the Internet.

I’ve had some struggles getting decent, reliable Internet service where I live in San Francisco. It’s not that it hasn’t been available, just not to me. Other priorities have claimed enough of my meager artist stipend these last few months to prevent me from being able to order my own hookup until this month.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to maintain my online life with a neighborhood wireless connection that has the most interesting patterns to it. It would be fun to watch the times all during the nite and day when it gets busy or doesn’t, except that I find myself online at too many of those hours just trying to accomplish simple tasks. In the pursuit of said online life, I’ve been working a lot of those ‘round the clock hours trying to get things done.

Now I think I finally, really, honestly, reliably, have an Internet connection on order, and a date it’s supposed to happen.

It’s taken some detective work, and some naively patient waiting, only to find that gatekeepers on both sides of that coveted Internet connection have been giving inaccurate info for a couple months. I’ve been trying to get the really good service that’s available here, hi-speed cable modem, but it finally comes to light that my building did not know which carrier they’d approved. Turns out it was the other one.

The other service looks good, although based on phone lines, and I race to get an order placed. Again I get to the page that says, “no, not at your address. The good Internet service is not available to you.” It’s starting to feel like I’m living in a poor neighborhood on the Information highway, as well as in the physical world.

Responding to the offer of a “Live” chat to help me along, “they” find I really do qualify for the good stuff. At least according to them. I say “they” because while I sense there is a live person behind the chat window, they are typing in canned responses straight from the legal department.

Ironically the connection I’m on to place the order starts blinking out.

Finally, I do sense spontaneous words in the chat window as the chatter sends me a link to place the order. I start the process there, and woohoo; it likes my address this time!

Then it hits me!

You! Yes you, have just qualified to have a functional, reliable, online life. You have just made the cut between the haves and have-nots in the information fueled society we live in.

Had my name not been on that list, or rather my living cubicle in this fabulous city I live in, it would have had quite real consequences for me in terms of livelihood, education, and social life.

I’ve been in my building in San Francisco’s famous Tenderloin neighborhood for a few months now and getting settled into a more regular life after quite a journey in the past year that happily delivered me to this fabulous city along the way. I have come to love this crazy vortex I find myself living in the middle of, where a theatric production of real life unfolds from my third story window view in every minute.

I also feel quite blessed to live in and have housing at all in this very expensive, high demand city, but frankly, much more of my life takes place through my computer screen.

Another wonderful thing about San Francisco is the hella cool museums and the exhibitions we get here. Right now there is Matisse, Picasso, Cézanne and Renoir from the Stein Collection @ SFMOMA, Dutch and Flemish Masterworks @ Legion of Honor, Gertrude Stein and Charlotte Salomon @ Jewish American Contemporary Museum, and  the Musée National Picasso, Paris Collection at the DeYoung.

I’ve been trying to see Picasso at the DeYoung for a couple months now, I mean, how can you miss Picasso when it comes to your city, if you’re even in a city where it comes to?  On the free museum day once a month it’s $15.00, on regular days it’s $25.00. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been more than I’ve had left at the end of my month the last couple months, and now this one too it seems.

In the order process for the Internet package it got to the hard questions…the security check. None of the answers I have these days are good ones. I settled on “Self-employed” as I usually do on these things knowing it is usually the kiss of death on credit related applications. Sure enough, there’s a problem; but alas, also a solution. Your rate for information access, you freelance writer and starving artist, is five months paid in advance plus the modem.

Quickly I start to do math in my head…I know I have enough for it all, but barely. I take a millisecond to consider…then I pounce! No looking back now! Food, cell phone, creature comforts, heh, who needs them? I’m going back to surfing like the upper crust baby!

So I pressed the button, and waited for the ramifications to set in. Hmmm, still seems to be good. I can get through yet another lean month if you will just stream music for me!

Then it hit me…Picasso! Again! Noooo!

Picasso will again have to wait until next month, and as luck has it, there are two months left. This month it will be Gertrude Stein and Charlotte Salomon which I’ve got a  free ticket to.

Will work for Art!

See you soon,



My Funeral Weekend

I had the opportunity to attend my own funeral over the weekend. No, I’m feeling fine and still here; pixels and other important things seem to be intact. The funeral happened in an impromptu manner, such as death has a way of doing too it seems.

Gallery Xue had issued a call for decorated coffins for a gallery event they were having this weekend. Undecorated coffins were available without charge on the Marketplace, so I set off to my favorite sandbox lately, the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) Sandbox at LEA5.

The decorating theme was “how would you decorate your final resting place”. For me that’s easy. Anyone who knows me knows that I collect little besides experiences and kindred spirits these days. So I decided to assemble some pics from my time in Second Life to decorate my coffin, and the wool gathering began…

So many great experiences have happened in the short time I’ve been in SL!

What started as decorating my coffin, started to make me think about what my funeral would be like. A simple affair such as the one I did at LEA would be fine; you can pack me up with just the memories I’ve already taken with me as I lie down in that box. A few more people, some music, and people telling fantastic lies about me while sipping cocktails…all would be quite lovely.

The reason this didn’t seem at all morbid is because just as I embrace life, I embrace death too. I see it as just a door opening to another journey. I’ve lived an amazing life and I see each new day as just more icing on the cake. I’m also planning for the next stop after this life to look  something like this anyway, so what’s not to like? You can skip the whole box thing too. I’d be happier if you started my own compost pile for me and I can fertilize the Zucchinis in death, just as I’ve done in life.

Back to the project, I start to link everything together to transport to the gallery, and it seemed that every time I rezzed my coffin there were more pieces missing. Haha, I’ll have to work on that. Then a family member needed me, and that was it for the project. R.I.P. Coffin project. Sorry Faith, I really am going to get a piece to your gallery someday. Thanks for keeping me inspired!

Then, a notice arrives that the Seniors from VB28 were getting together as THE SENIORS MARCHING UNIT
to march in the Virtual Museums Inc’s 2nd Anniversary Parade on Sunday. Yay, I had barely made it to the first performance and then was not able to be in the piece due to my computer being just hours away from a major failure. But now I could don my Senior drag and strut down the parade route with the rest.

The parade was pretty free form from my perspective as we quickly spread out and I had to rejoin the parade route several times from getting lost, even with red arrows on the ground. But that’s just my style. I’m the klutzy one thank you. I do look good though, and really, what’s more important? As you’ll see I won’t be ready for frumpy clothes anytime soon.

Seeing myself looking that old and still trying to be hip was far more scary than the thought of quickly being whisked off to the afterlife before that happens. It would be something to ponder…except there are far more interesting things to think about and do.

So now that I’ve gotten my funeral out of the way, I’m ready for a lot more living.

See you soon,


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