callistarlightBack again after another long absence from blogging here on my “SL” blog, Calliope’s Metaverse, and on today’s Equinox and the start of Spring seems a good time to pause for a moment and check-in. I write here when I have something to say or when big changes occur, which seems to be every 2 or 3 months. The creation energy of spring has been thick in the air lately, and I feel myself flowing with the shift and using it to manifest the future.

It has been a couple of real life years since I’ve reinvented myself much here in SL, and my time as an island mystic has been extra good. SL has been one of the best spiritual partners I could find, and the others I needed I found here too. I was in the best place I could be in both worlds for the entire 2012, and the result has been transformational.

There is a great shift going on in our worlds and cultures as we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, and the theme of that shift is from duality to unity consciousness, from mental superiority to having an open heart. Love and kindness are the new currency.

Characteristic of the shift for me is that this is the first blog post here I’ve written from the perspective of the “real life” even as I sit on my cushion with my kitties in SL writing this. Where once Second Life was my writer’s retreat and most everything I wrote during that time was written in-world, I find I seldom write in SL anymore. What once felt like a refuge for my creative process now seems busy and distracting. Me, and the way I experience energies, have changed greatly since coming to SL in late 2009, and I’ve spent the first months of 2013 reinventing myself in both worlds.

Life cycles quickly and often when living at the pace of virtual, and this is just the place to reinvent yourself quickly and easily. I’ve had several lives in my just over 3 years here, and I don’t mean “alts”, which I have a few of somewhere. Even with all the options of who you can be here in SL, this magical place has always been most enjoyable just being me. My avatar turned out to be much like me early on and hasn’t changed much since…on the outside.

On the inside, change has been breathtaking. My path to Second Life was paved with a friend’s research paper that essentially said humans and their emotions work the same in virtual as they do in the physical. That is certainly true as I’ve experienced SL, and for me Second Life has been a wonderful school, therapist and teacher providing a place to experience and learn so much about human emotions.

So interestingly enough in my latest Second Life incarnation which I’m calling, “evolved slacker”, it is the first time my only goal in SL is to just have some fun and use my SL for what I think remains the coolest thing here, meeting people from all over the world. For while I’m a slacker here that other world has gotten pleasantly busier with new projects.

Second Life has always been billed as a place to try out ideas at a smaller scale before going live with them either in virtual or physical, and that has worked well for me to try some new things here. SL has had a big hand in me finding my own work in the world, which I talk about here sometimes,

So I’m going to get back to where I left off some time ago, wandering the sims of SL looking for beautiful spots and interesting people, and doing so with a bliss I’ve never known. The portals to still other realms are endless here so it will be fun.

Happy, Magical, Blessed Spring Equinox 2013!!

All Love,
Calliope ♥