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Raven Day

Raven screaming by David Seibel

A field of ravens
heralds in the new day

When ravens gather
it’s as if to say

Be aware on your journey
not too quick as you go

Take heed of the signs
and stay in the flow

For when ravens gather
or fly in your way

It always brings magic
as you create your day

~ Calliope ~


Last Quarter Moon, August 2012

Upturned waning half moon in the daytime sky.

Half circle waning moon

floats high in noon sky

hidden to ones who hurry along

it beckons to those with a watchful eye


She lie upside down

like an upturned bowl

and seems to tell us

to look into our souls


So that we may travel lighter

and have room to hold

new moon intentions made

after this Corn moon grows old


Finish emptying all you need to

all that remains to be cleared

the time we have waited for

now draws near


Vibrations increasing

bring much change for all

and mark the times we live in

as we head into fall


Will this be the year

that we all will evolve

this time we now live in

seems a mystery to solve


So empty your bowls

and let’s make this year ours

for this is the year

we soar to the stars

   ~Calliope Novaland

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