Good friends in my new community stopped by the other day to see my first attempts at terraforming. While I’d done a pretty good job, some experts stepped in and with the blink of an eye, I had islands with swirling water! The terraforming turned into just partying with bazookas and evil rabbits and so many neighbors showed up. A good omen for my space I think!

Right in front of the swirling waters has become my chill spot, and the other day I saw a special for a Purple Daisy Hammock from Shameless Bits, $L 299, 1/2 off. I went to try it out and it has some sweet animations for chatting and snuggling for up to 3 people. Perfect! Even at full price I would buy this again. When I got it home I messed up the animations (clueless!) but a quick IM to Shameless had things working again quickly. This is a great place to shop, check them out.

I also cleared a spot for a big deck to overlook the ocean and it will be a dance floor as well. There will be some concerts here this summer for sure. Who are your fave SL performers?

The skybox is up and so I’m now going to declare the ground level of my place as a public space for all to enjoy. I hope to make things more interactive as I go along, but first of all I want this to be a place for people to gather, and chill, snuggle, and talk. What would help that along do you think?

Come visit soon!

Calli x0